Posted July 23, 2013

MMIA’s Operation Warrior Golf had a great day Monday, July 22 at Fort Bragg, presenting 50 sets of “gently used golf clubs” to wounded warriors. Most of the recipients had completed basic golf instruction at Stryker Golf Club on the army base. MMIA representatives Jim Breece, Roger White and Dan Marusa made the presentations. Tony Pugh, Outreach Coordinator of the Fort Bragg Wounded Warriors Transition Battalion, made this event possible.


“Each trooper introduced themselves to us,” reports Breece, a member of the MMIA Board of Directors. “Roger, Dan and I were choked up with gratitude and praise for the soldiers we met. The soldiers were very forthcoming about themselves and most appreciative of MMIA’s donation of golf clubs. We talked with the soldiers about their golf instruction, about the clubs that would fit their ‘future’ games and mostly about themselves and how they and their families were doing. The day was very humbling for us. These young men and some older soldiers made a profound impression on us with their upbeat attitude facing their hardships and their love of country and sincere desire to learn to play golf.”


Breece, who spearheads Operation Warrior Golf, also reports, “We mentioned MMIA Tee Off for the Troops Golf Classic on Veteran’s Day and asked Tony Pugh to coordinate with Mike Dorman to have some troops join us that day.


This was Operation Warrior Golf’s first presentation at Fort Bragg. Additional presentations are planned there as well as at Marine Corp Base Camp Lejeune. In addition to the 50 sets presented at Fort Bragg, MMIA also gave more than 25 sets of clubs to send to Special Forces wounded warrior units throughout the United States.