Telephone, Mail, Email

Three ways to contact Military Missions In Action are telephone , a snail mail letter, or an email. For telephone numbers, the mailing address and an email form, please visit our Call, Write or email page.


Subscribe for Updates

To be added to the automatic distribution list for periodical updates of activities and to receive notification that Mike Dorman’s Monthly MMIA Memo has been posted, please visit our Subscribe for Updates page and enter your email address.


Application for Assistance

If you are in need of our assistance, you will need to apply. Information about applying and the forms you will need to complete and submit are found on our MMIA Application for Assistance page.


Disclaimer:  Due to an expansion of Military Missions In Action’s eligibility for veterans with disabilities, members of the Armed Forces and their families, we expect a higher than normal volume of applications, calls, and emails.  Please be aware that this may result in a higher-than-normal delay in MMIA’s response time.  While it is MMIA’s wish to meet all assistance requests, requests from ineligible individuals cannot be considered and will delay our ability to assist other, eligible individuals.