Military Missions in Action has five distinct on-going programs that are at the core of our effort. Please click on the various headings below for more information on each program. If you are seeking assistance in any of these areas and would like to apply, please visit MMIA Application for Assistance, read carefully, complete the necessary forms and submit as instructed. But before you apply, please read about or various programs to determine the level of assistance you require.


Operation Building Hope

provides home modification services to ensure that veterans with disabilities can live independently in a fully-accessible home. Some of the home modifications include, removing obstacles and safety hazards, constructing wheelchair ramps and roll-in-showers, widening doorways and lowering cabinets and countertops. Whether the disability is due to war wounds, illness or age, this is a small way we can demonstrate appreciation for their military service to our country.


Homes for Healing

assists veterans who suffer from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is estimated that 360,000 veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2003 suffer from TBI, which causes neurological damage and can impact one’s behavior, emotions, memory, body functions, speech, and an array of other disorders. For someone suffering from TBI or PTSD, what once was a simple task can seem an insurmountable obstacle. MMIA assists veterans who suffer from these conditions, which in turn helps them in their healing process.


Military Child Access Assistance Program (MCAAP)

assists active duty service members and veterans who have children with special needs who require handicap accessibility into their home.


Fill the Footlocker

consists of two programs. The first program supports active-duty service members and military working dogs serving in combat zones. The second program supports our ever rising number of homeless veterans. Working within the community, MMIA collects items for both programs. Once items are collected, a community pack-n-ship event is held to prepare items for shipment overseas. Items collected for homeless veterans are distributed at the numerous homeless veteran stand-downs held within the state. For a list of items you can donate to this mission, please click here: Fill the Footlocker Items.


Operation Warrior Golf

is a program sponsored by MMIA in which veterans with disabilities learn how to overcome their limitations through the game of golf. Upon completion of the program, MMIA presents the veteran with a gently-used set of golf clubs which have been donated for that purpose.


We Will Never Forget

is dedicated to our brave men and women that have passed on whether in time of war, while serving our country, or who served our country so bravely in the past.


Disclaimer:  Due to an expansion of Military Missions In Action’s eligibility for veterans with disabilities, members of the Armed Forces and their families, we expect a higher than normal volume of applications, calls, and emails.  Please be aware that this may result in a higher-than-normal delay in MMIA’s response time.  While it is our wish to meet all assistance requests, requests from ineligible individuals cannot be considered and will delay our ability to assist other, eligible individuals.